Shape Style Blog – Social Media Accounts:

Hi guys, there are a lot of places that you can present yourself as a blogger, vlogger, instagrammer etc. and here are the places where you can find me. I’m posting the accounts for this blog and some of my other accounts – go check it!

Facebook – Shape Style

YouTube – Shape Style

Instagram – Shape Style

Pinterest – Shape Style

Twitter – Shape Style

Tumblr – Shape Style

Bloglovin – Shape Style

Google+ – Shape Style

And here are some of my other accounts:

Instagram – Shape Style Studio (@shapestylestudio)

YouTube – Shape Style Studio

Instagram – Design (@danny.dsgn)

Facebook – Personal

Youpic – Photography Account

500px – Photography Account

I will add more if there are any new. Feel free to follow me for some interesting new content. This summer will be awesome and I will create a lot!